Credit Repair Services

Ai Capital Funding understands the importance of having strong credit ratings. High credit ratings are are a major factor in getting approved for financing at better rates. We also understand that sometimes, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, credit ratings become damaged or negatively impacted. Our team will help you rebuild damaged credit ratings and raise scores so you can get back in control of your financial future.

What causes bad credit?

There are a number of reasons why credit scores are negatively impacted, ranging from outstanding balances to errors that shouldn’t be on your credit report in the first place. We perform a deep analysis of your credit report to uncover items such as:

 - Collections
 - Liens
 - Repossessions
 - Late payments
 - Bankruptcies
 - Foreclosures
 - Judgments
 - Unwarranted errors

Ai Capital Funding will also handle disputes on your credit report to remove any incorrect information which might be impacting your credit ratings. We have the ability to investigate any existing disputes and intervene on your behalf. Additionally, we will identify possible violations and bring them to your attention before they become serious issues.

How can I Repair my Credit?

To repair impacted or damaged credit, you need a team that understands the system and can find the quickest ways to improve your score. Ai Capital Funding will go over your credit report and work with you directly to create a strategy tailored to your needs. We can help to remove derogatory remarks and even fraudulent inquiries which can result in poor standing and denials for loans and other financings. We will analyze your credit report, remove any derogatory remarks and negative inquiries, and help put you back in control of your financial future.

Credit Building Services

Building credit ratings requires constant monitoring and ensuring the decisions you make work in your favor. Ai Capital Funding will monitor your credit report and alert you about any movement in your score. We also understand that fraudulent credit activity and identity theft are two of the biggest concerns in this digital age. Our team remains vigilant to spot any suspicious activity which can negatively impact your credit score and overall financial standing.

Contact Ai Capital Funding today to learn more about our credit building and credit repair services.