Consider a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

If you want to purchase or improve a property, refinance an existing loan, consolidate debt or build working capital, then a stated income commercial real estate loan could be a great choice. At Ai Capital Funding, we offer these loans for those who are tired of the conventional loan process. If piles of paperwork aren’t your thing or you are tired of getting loan denials, then talk with us about how our loans can help.

Qualification and Loan Details

If a stated income commercial real estate loan interests you, here’s some additional information to help you. These loans can be used for many purposes, from debt consolidation to purchasing a property. You can also use it for pretty much any type of property. Keep in mind that you do need a qualifying credit score of 600. However, we welcome W-2 or self-employment documentation for income.

Once you qualify for a loan, we offer 25-year amortization and fixed rates on loans up to $500,000. The loan-to-value varies based upon the type of property. Your credit score may also impact the LTV. Here’s how they break down:

 - 65 percent LTV for warehouse, self-storage, office, or auto service properties
 - 70 percent LTV for one to four-unit non-owner occupied investment properties
 - 75 percent LTV with a credit score 700 or above on five or more unit multifamily or mixed-use properties

How They Are Different

When deciding between a conventional loan or a stated income commercial real estate loan, you should know that a stated income loan is based on the property and not your credit. If the property’s value can cover the insurance, mortgage, and taxes, then it qualifies. In addition, approval is fast and there is far less documentation required.

If a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan sounds like it will fit your needs, then contact Ai Capital Funding. We can get your application started or answer any questions that you may have.