Increase Borrowing Capacity with Accounts Receivable Financing from Ai Capital Funding

At Ai Capital Funding we help businesses compete by providing innovative solutions to the search for capital. One example of this is accounts receivable financing, which allows a company to leverage its relationship with vendors to create a lending opportunity. If your company sells services or products to a company on terms of 90-day net or more, financing receivables could be a boon for you.

Big Benefits for Certain Companies

This lending arrangement is suited for companies that have a hard time obtaining traditional financing, including the following:
 - Startups Companies with negative cash flow
 - Companies in bankruptcy
 - Businesses in risky industries

A Number of Advantages

Using its accounts receivable invoices allows a company to base its credit application on the credit of its customer instead of its own, turning financing receivables into an asset. This funding source includes several benefits.
 - Quick cash
 - No fixed payments
 - No recourse
 - Free credit insurance for qualifying accounts
 - Not at the mercy of a loan board decision
 - Funding increases as sales increase
 - Financing regardless of business

There are no stipulations on the money you receive from financing receivables. You can use your funds for payroll, new equipment, marketing, or other business needs.

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Factoring for Manufacturers

Factoring can meet the working capital needs of manufacturers impacted by historic rates of inflation.

Program Overview:

* $100,000 to $10 Million/mo
* Advance Rate: Up to 75%
* Non-recourse - No PG
* Most businesses with strong customers are candidates

We Specialize in DIFFICULT DEALS:

* Start-ups
* Highly Leveraged
* Losses
* Customer Concentrations
* Weak Personal Credit or Character Issues

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