Equipment Financing That Powers Your Business

Whether you run a large or small transportation company, a construction company, or Farm, we know at Ai Capital Funding that buying and replacing equipment is a major challenge. We provide a range of attractive equipment financing and equipment leasing solutions that enable you to procure the necessary computers or bulldozers you need. We strive to find you the most favorable terms available, with quick approvals, low-interest rates, and repayment terms as long as 84 months.

 - Approval in as little as 24 hours, three to five days for larger items
 - In most cases, No financial statement is required for loans applications up to $150,000
 - Little or no down payment
 - Multiple payment structures
 - Middle market financing up to $500,000 with more available for larger items
 - Up to 84-month terms
 - Excellent interest rates

A High Level of Convenience

We simplify the thicket of paperwork and application procedures needed to obtain financing for equipment. For qualifying businesses, our programs offer the following features:

 - No financial statement is needed for purchases of $150,000 or lower
 - A selection of payment options and structures
 - Up to $500,000 for middle ticket financing and more for larger expenditures
 - Little or no down payment
 - Expedited approvals

A Number of Programs to Help Newer Businesses

Our job at Ai Capital Funding is to help you find the best programs out there to finance the equipment requirements of your industry. We work with startup programs that are designed to meet the needs of companies less than two years old. We offer sale and leaseback programs that allow your company to retain greater cash reserves.
We work with government and municipal leasing programs for police and fire departments, federal agencies, armed services, state and local agencies, public school systems, and libraries, and we identify stable funding sources for companies with poor credit.

A Few Reasons To Lease

Equipment leasing can be an attractive option for a number of businesses, with benefits including the following:

 - Fixed, low monthly payments
 - Tax and accounting advantages
 - Scheduled replacement of outdated equipment
 - Retention of existing credit lines
 - Management of cash flow and liquidity

Contact our team of finance professionals at Ai Capital Funding to learn more about Transportation, Agriculture, Construction, Restaurant, Medical or Industrial equipment financing, and leasing. We provide a no-obligation application and free consultation.