Don’t Let the Ebbs and Flows of Business Get You Down; Get a Merchant Cash Advance Instead

Many businesses go through ups and downs where money flow dries up and then flourishes. It is just how business goes. If this sounds like you, then you should check into a merchant cash advance. This type of funding taps into your credit card sales to get you money now when you need it. Later, when you have credit card sales, your advance is paid back. We offer many perks at Ai Capital Funding when you choose this financing option.

The Basics

A cash advance is not a loan. It is money you borrow from yourself with our help. If you have credit card sales, you could get as much as $200,000. Plus, the application process is fast. You could have the money within seven days. An advance can be a better option than a loan because you don’t need perfect credit.


If you still are not convinced that a merchant cash advance could be just the funding you need, then consider these advantages:

 - Fast funding with no long waiting periods
 - Minimal paperwork
 - Payback is simple with no monthly payment
 - No collateral
 - Funds can be used any way you want

In addition, you won’t ever pay closing costs or application fees. You cannot lose equity, and there are no fixed payments. In fact, this type of funding is simple to pay back.

Find Out More

If this sounds like funding that could help you out, then contact Ai Capital Funding to learn more about how a Merchant Cash Advance can help you. We can get you started on the application process today.